Weekly Services

Every Week the Christians who are part of the fellowship at Coleford Gospel Hall organise & attend a number of services. In this we attempt to be obedient to some simple commands in the Bible as we seek to worship, pray, encourage, remember and learn. Although some of our services are aimed more at those of us who are part of the church, we would give a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to attend any service.

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When:  Sundays 10.00 - 11.00am

Where: Coleford Gospel Hall

Breaking of Bread (Communion)

At the beginning of every week, on a Sunday morning at 10:00am, church members meet together to remember the Lord Jesus as He commanded. Through two simple items, the bread and the wine, we remember Him in His life, death and  resurrection. We give thanks  that through His work at Calvary's cross believers have obtained peace with God and the gift of eternal life.  As led by the Holy Spirit, brethren lead the worship with the introduction of hymns, Bible readings, and prayers. This service is followed by a time of fellowship over a cup of tea /coffee.

When:  Sundays 6.00-7.00pm

Where: Coleford Gospel Hall

Gospel Meeting

Gospel means good news, and at Coleford, we really want to share the good news about our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that this story is just as relevant today as it was 2000 yrs ago, and through this good news, we can all find freedom and life. Of course, we don't just limit sharing this news to a Sunday at 6:00 pm; there are many other activities and things we seek to do as a Church & as individuals to tell everyone we know this wonderful (true) story.


Generally, our Gospel meeting is on a Sunday at 6:00 pm, but sometimes we have a family service earlier in the day with Tea provided - Of course, anyone is welcome to come, and at the very least hot & cold refreshments are provided

Join us in the hall, on Zoom or our YouTube channel using the details below.


Click here or use meeting ID 852 0463 3192 and Passcode John3v16


Click here to go to our YouTube channel

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When:  Tuesday 7.45-8.30pm

Where: Coleford Gospel Hall

Bible Study & Bible Teaching

We meet as a Church to read and to study the Bible. Sometimes this takes the form of a conversational study, and at other times we invite someone to come and teach. We do this to learn more about the Lord, encourage, challenge, and draw us closer to Him. Occasionally reports are given of various aspects of the Christian ministries both in the U.K and overseas.

Feel free to join us - details of our Tuesday Bible meetings can be found on the internal notice board Calendar.

When:  Sundays 11.30-12.30pm*

Where: Coleford Gospel Hall

Sunday School

Sunday School is not just about having fun, singing songs and playing games. It's also very important for us as a Church to seek to engage our children and the children of Coleford with this amazing story. We do this through the songs, quizzes and learning scripture, Craft & Bible classes.

* During school terms

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When:  Tuesdays 8.30-9.00pm

Where: Coleford Gospel Hall 

Prayer Meeting

As a Church, we often take time to pray, and our main prayer meeting is after the Bible study. We are commanded and have a deep desire to pray. We seek to pray not just for ourselves but for the community in Coleford and those we know who are going through difficult times. When we pray, we also try to give thanks for the many things that God has done for us. One of the most important things we pray for is that many people who live in Coleford would respond to the good news of the Lord Jesus and trust Him as Lord and Saviour. If you need prayer or would like someone to visit and pray with you, please contact us and let us know.

When:  Thursdays 2.30-3.30pm*

Where: Coleford Gospel Hall

Ladies Meeting

Every Thursday, an opportunity is provided for the ladies to meet together.  The meeting is varied in format but often includes singing and a message from the Bible.

All ladies are welcome to join us.  Refreshments are provided.

* During school terms

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